Part 1

I’m not going to talk about myself too much on here; as I don’t want this to become a ‘personal’ post. What I will say is this; I have a huge interest in the world in which we live. I have read for years about manipulation, people placement, mind control of population and things within society strategically placed to this end. I am not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch and hopefully upon reading this first piece you will see that some of the points I make are at the very least worth some thought.

This piece is not going to go into great detail about many things; but rather focus on one for the time being, hopefully tying that into the society we are in today. Despite there being no great detail as such; it will have links within it that may resonate with people. I will be producing a piece which will tie all of the below into the placement of people in power, the need to create one rule etc etc things some may have already read about. The points below are bullet points, skimming the surface for much more depth later.

Rightly or wrongly, intelligently or not, this first piece was inspired by watching the reality tv show Big Brother. Now calling this ‘reality television’ (a relatively new term by the way) is completely mocking the public, so obviously most don’t notice. Why? Because that is EXACTLY what it is. It isn’t lazy fun television, it is a deliberately staged soap opera showing who is in charge. It isn’t us, the viewers, reeled in by it.Having watched series after series my thoughts and opinions have changed over the years. Firstly this is terrible television that so many cannot stop watching, which fits in perfectly with the theme I will explore. Just a thought before I move on though. Television shows go through ‘vetting’ phases to judge their potential as a viewing spectacle. If this was deemed ‘good enough’ to air; just think of the rubbish that got discarded.

Anyway, on with my point. Whilst watching BB I began to wonder why so many of us tune in. The answer? We are watching ourselves on screen, albeit through a different vehicle (person). The BB house is society. Now I know this may have been mentioned briefly in pieces before but nobody has gone far enough as to explain why. There are two themes in my opinion within society that dictate what the masses do. These two things are laws. Problems will be created and the ‘powers’ will introduce new laws to ‘tackle’ this man made problem, taking liberties away. That is the first. The second is religion. These two things run society, both filled with contradictory ideas, but both present in the BB house. Here I will explain why and how.

Within BB we have people hand picked to have conflicts. As we do in the real world with staged terrorist attacks, fear mongering politicians and so on. BB creates a conflict, as we do in real life. This can be seen in face to face nominations, extracts from the diary room etc. This may seem far fetched to you but there is a comparison there.How many times have we seen racial tensions within a BB house???? If this isn’t a play on the ‘real world’ I don’t know what is! They get a reaction and punish the individual that has been goaded, as we do in real life. They then banish the trouble maker to ‘prison’ for example; as we do in real life. This is no more evident in real life than the ongoing conflict in the middle east. A staged situation so some creed, ethnicity or nationality can be banished. You can see this happening with Russia now. I understand people may think I’m being ridiculous with this comparison being so huge; but if you think about it; you can’t deny it. BB dictates house rules that may seem ridiculous. If you go against ‘this word’ you are punished. How many of us have to follow ridiculous rules every single day that we would be punished for if we ignored them? We have all said it at some time but when you think about it as stated before; you are watching yourself on the screen. The ‘housemates’ are watched by cameras 24/7. I don’t even have to highlight how this is relevant in our every day lives. These are just a few instances in which BB IS real life, don’t buy into the notion of it being a ‘television show’. This is a carefully orchestrated soap opera letting you know how you are living in a BB house. If you want people to go along with you; tell them they are free. If we live in a free world with free speech and all the other rubbish why is it constantly shoved down our throats? Because it doesn’t exist. If you are something you don’t need to constantly remind. If you are truly happy with your life you don’t constantly tell people, because you’re settled. So why do the ‘powers’ feel the need to tell us in every article and news broadcast that we live in a free country? They make you believe so you don;t question. I could go on forever with the comparisons but as stated; I’m not trying to convince or brainwash. There are enough points there for people to read, digest, research and ¬†come to their own conclusions.

The second ¬†point I come to is the religious connotations BB stirs up. As we know religion is the key factor in most ongoing world conflicts. BB plays on this, like it or not, I’ll explain it like this and make up your own mind. BB is a church, you must respect the surroundings or your punished. BB is the God you must obey. The diary room is confession where you admit your wrongdoings and often where housemates are reprimanded. How many times do you hear BB tell housemates about the rules they were given? Like the ten commandments for example? How many religious conflicts have come from someone showing ‘disrespect’ for another persons rules by which they live their life (made up thousands of years ago and a complete myth in my opinion). It is there for all to see. This isn’t me as an individual spouting fantasy nonsense.Only in this case God isn’t making the decisions. The final say is down to the public. The public who have been fed this rubbish of a ‘television show. The public who are really watching their everyday life being played out in front of them, but who the powers that be think are too stupid to realise the game they are playing with us.

I could go into so much more details and I will at some point. However having seen how engrossed people are in this show I wanted to put this side across. It is only a short piece and isn’t there to convince. There is so much more I will write, but people should be given snippets, not convinced, and then be allowed to make their own judgement.

People may also think its silly picking something so trivial as BB. But that is my whole point. This is what is fed to the public with so many underlying connotations. But its only a ‘television show’ so who could possibly believe ‘they’ would ridicule our intelligence through it? You decide.